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When a Pizza Is Also a Burger

A lot of food mashups out there seem like they were conceived in the middle of a particularly bad walwal session. “It’s turkey and duck in one, pare. Oh and chicken!” Or, “croissants and donuts make f*cking sense together. They should be together!” Despite sounding like the musings of the clearly inebriated, a lot of these combinations actually make for really good food.

Well, the people at Shakey’s Philippines thinks the market is ready for another of these gastronomic experiments. Here, they’ve asked themselves, “why shouldn’t a pizza and burger—two clearly awesome inventions of man—go together?” The result? The recently unleashed the epic Angus Burger Pizza: Shakey’s signature thin crust topped with a mouthwatering, hefty Angus beef patty, and covered with lots of cheese slices, fresh tomatoes, onions, and lettuce.

Shakey’s president and CEO, Vic Gregorio, shares the method behind the madness: “The idea that people would love to see a combination of a burger and a pizza, two products most people love, we believe would be a game changer and a great idea for the family. Therefore, creating more values for the brand and making the guests aware that Shakey’s will always find a way to wow them.”

With the launch of this mashup, the brand also introduced real-life couple Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola–self-confessed pizza and burger lovers–as their new endorsers.

Try a slice or better yet, grab a whole pie of the Angus Burger Pizza by calling the Shakey’s delivery hotline: 77-777, ordering online via shakeyspizza.ph, or visiting a store near you.

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