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Good Eastern Mediterranean Street Food on the Go

Nowadays, we tend to live busy lives, always on-the-go and rushing in order to keep up with the fast-paced world. This reflects even in our eating habits. To save time, we, Filipinos, have become quite invested in instant and fast food. But the fact is, these types of food aren’t exactly that healthy. This is where the Moment Group’s newest food concept, Shawa Wama, comes in.

Shawa Wama, steps up the fast food experience with its healthy and highly accessible Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. Following a grab-and-go concept, Shawa Wama caters to busy people, who can dine and dash with food designed to be eaten on the move. Don’t even have the time to line up for your own food? Food Panda can deliver your order to you!

The food is healthy and delicious with each dish using  fresh and nutritious ingredients. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a carnivore, you’ll find something that will suit your taste. For vegans, the Wama Veggie Special (Php 340) has cauliflower, falafel, and shawarma slaw. Fried Cauli (starts at Php 245) and Red Beef Falafel (starts at Php 165) are the other recommended alternatives to meat. Of course, there’s also no shortage in protein here, when you go for  Pita (starts at Php 165), Over Rice (starts at Php 190), or Over Hummus (starts at Php 195). The pita pockets, as well as the over rice, and over hummus meals, are customizable to your choice of meat and/or vegetables.

There are  five sauces to choose from: Cheese, Lemon Garlic, White Garlic, Mild Green Finger Chili, and Hot Red Bird’s Eye Chili. White Garlic is your standard Mediterranean sauce; Lemon Garlic is the zestier, tangier version; Hot Red Bird’s Eye Chili is for those who like their food very spicy; Mild Green Finger Chili is a weaker and subtler hot sauce; and Cheese is for people who like their food creamy.

To wrap up your meal, Manila Creamery had especially made light Pistachio Ice Cream, Lemon Sorbet, and  Baklava Frozen Yogurt (Php 110 each).

Shawa Wama is located in Power Plant Mall, Makati City.

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