How to Make Tilapia with Brown Butter and Lemon


♦  2 tilapia fillets
♦  1 lemon, quartered
♦  3 sticks of butter
♦  Flour
♦  White pepper, to taste
♦  Salt, to taste


(For tilapia)

Season flour with salt and pepper


Melt two sticks of butter in a pan over medium heat setting. You can use clarified butter or ghee, too.


Dredge tilapia fillets in seasoned flour. Dust off excess flour


Fry the fillets in butter, skin side first. The fillet is ready to be flipped once the edges turn white.


Squeeze a lemon wedge into the oil after flipping. Continue to fry for another minute.


(For browned butter)

Brown half a stick of butter in a pan. You’ll know that it’s done when it starts to have a “nutty” aroma.


Squeeze a lemon wedge into the butter.


Pour desired amount over cooked fish fillets.

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